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Should You Hire Professional Relocation Services?

Moving can be an inconvenience and stressor for even the hardiest do-it-yourselfers, especially when the realization hits that everything in your current home needs to be packed and moved.  Our clients often express, “How did I accumulate so much stuff?!”  And that’s only the beginning of the moving  journey– there are the closets to clean, […]

Don’t Let Snow Slow You Down

After busy and exciting holidays, January and February can be long, lonely months for many seniors. Our recent frigid temperatures and snowfalls not only interfere with social activities, but also routine outings such as grocery shopping and doctor visits. This can lead to increased feelings of isolation and loneliness. Fortunately, there are still activities that […]

7 Tips for a Happy Family Thanksgiving

Planning the perfect Thanksgiving can be a large feat, and even more so as you take over the responsibilities from your aging parents. Often, you need to coordinate multiple schedules, assign dishes for the pitch-in, and go to the grocery before shelves go empty. (Your great-uncle still ribs you for forgetting the fried onions for […]

Fostering the Relationship between Spirituality Peace of Mind and Aging

As our parents grow older, helping them cultivate an inner peace about the physical and health challenges they may be facing becomes more and more important to their overall well-being.  While the physical challenges are easiest to see as our loved ones age, the emotional and spiritual ones are just as important to them, and […]

What are the 4 P’s of Senior Relocation

Harmony has created the 4 P’s of Senior Relocation: Plan, Purge, Pack, and Place. With these four key areas of expertise, our company has mastered the coordination of transitioning and removed the burden of moving from aging adults and their families.   How We Simplify the Process   Moving can be a challenge at any […]

Long Distance Relationships: How to care for your parent when you live out-of-state

Caring for an elderly parent is challenging. Add in the fact that you live out-of-state and an equation for distress has been created. With these few hints, caring for your loved one, thousands of miles away, can put your mind at ease while making you feel closer to your parent.   1. Work as a […]

What Should You Bring? 3 Dos and Do Nots of Relocating

Senior relocation can seem like an overwhelming process. When caring for your loved one, sorting through their possessions can not only be daunting, but emotional as well. Here is a guide on what to bring to their new home and what items can be donated.   What to Pack: 1. Comfort and Familiarity Often, moving […]