New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Citizens!

The holidays have ended, and now it is time to focus on 2018! At the beginning of the year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in giant resolutions and ignore the small things that can make a big difference. Below, you’ll find a quick guide on how to motivate aging seniors as we head into the new year.


Simple Resolutions that Make a Big Impact


Making a New Year’s Resolution isn’t reserved for any one generation. This tradition should be embraced by everyone. Creating new habits and being open to change helps us grow, and that kind of attitude never gets old. Senior citizens can find a lot of value in adopting any one of these resolutions—or even all five!


1.  Schedule Exercise

Physical fitness is a popular goal whenever January rolls around. Programs focused on physical therapy can help seniors with more specific concerns stay healthy. A lot of seniors may benefit from attending other group classes, too. Getting these activities on the calendar early on will ensure a strong start to the new year.


2.  Learn Something New

Sharp minds stay curious. Making a plan to learn a new skill, part of world history, or a new language are all great ideas for the new year. Is there a specific topic that your loved one has said they would like to study? The local library and community centers can be great resources for learning different subjects. After all, it’s “better late than never,” right?


3.  Keep up with Technology

Getting comfortable with new technology doesn’t always come easily. If your senior is interested in staying up-to-date, it’s wise to start small. Try to pick a system that suits their personality. Does your senior enjoy playing cards? Then they might like to play games against a computer. Or, if they’re more interested in reading mystery novels, how about an e-reader?


4. Be More Social

We are social creatures, and being independent or introverted doesn’t change the fact that we crave friendship. This time of year, try setting your sights on group activities. Seniors can really maximize this resolution by setting up a weekly lunch with neighbors. Monthly book clubs or movie nights are also great ways to spend time with friends. Remember: Playing the host can be a lot of fun!


5. Spend Time on Hobbies

As we get older, we often let our favorite hobbies go by the wayside. Spending time on past interests is what retirement is all about. Many seniors get a lot of enjoyment out of gardening. Others might prefer projects that require a little more handiwork indoors, like building model ships or planes. Make sure your senior has the right supplies to fuel their passions now and down the road.


Have we missed one of your favorite suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions? Leave us a comment below. No matter what type of resolution you choose, we hope you have a wonderful new year!


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