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Nicky Corder Senior Relocation Moves

Nicky Corder

As a partner in Harmony, Nicky Corder was inspired by the caring one-on-one relationships she has fostered with aging adults both in her own family, as well as, with the elderly in her church family. Through her service and visits with the elderly, she has a first-hand understanding of both the emotional and physical challenges that senior adults face when downsizing and moving. She enjoys orchestrating the transition to their new home so that the entire process is easier and smoother for them.

Nicky’s career as elementary school teacher, and subsequently as a stay-at-home mom, is evidence of her gentle and nurturing spirit. In addition, Nicky has demonstrated leadership and management skills through her extensive volunteer work in the Brownsburg school system and her church. She has served for several years in the capacity of President/VP/Consultant on various not-for-profit organizations. Her commitment to serving others has guided her vision to establish Harmony as a caring and supportive organization that provides a wide range of relocation services for the senior adult population.

After orchestrating the downsizing move for her in-laws, Johna Cripe realized that other senior adults might also welcome assistance with their own downsizing transition. Johna knows first hand that this type of move is an enormous undertaking. The job was not only physically demanding and time-consuming, but it was also an emotional time for her in-laws. During their move, Johna found that the work filled her with a rewarding sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Now she enjoys orchestrating home transitions for other senior adults who need a caring coordinator to lift their burdens and reduce their stress.

Johna’s past career provided her with a unique set of skills that she applies to her Harmony Relocation Services business. Johna spent 12+ years as an owner of a marketing research consulting business. She was responsible for orchestrating large multi-country projects that included a wide range of team members, many detailed variables, all driven by key deadlines. Leveraging her project management skills, she is well equipped to coordinate all of the tasks and services required for your home transition.

Johna Cripe Senior Relocation Moves

Johna Cripe