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(Pricing below is based on a 1,800 sq ft 2 bedroom house)

Who’s it for?

The Get Me Started plan is for those who:

  • Are Do-It-Yourselfers.
  • Are overwhelmed by how and where to start.
  • Have family members available to help with the many sorting and de-cluttering decisions.

Harmony will provide you with:

  • A customized step-by-step timeline to facilitate your move.
  • The nudge you need to get started with sorting and de-cluttering.
  • A process to split your downsizing task into manageable sections.
  • Procedures and tips for how to sort and de-clutter efficiently.
harmony started

Get Me Started

Who’s it for?

Hold My Hand

The Hold My Hand plan is for those who: 

  • Are uneasy about tackling the entire move themselves.
  • Need assistance with some of the core activities required for their transition.
  • Don’t want to rely solely on family/friends for help.

Harmony will help you with:

  • Sorting and de-cluttering assistance for 2-3 rooms in your home.
  • Floor planning and furniture decisions for your new home.
  • Packing/unpacking of 2-3 rooms of your new residence.
  • Practical sorting and packing suggestions that will enable your family to work effectively to complete your transition.
  • Contacts for reputable auxiliary services. 

Who’s it for?

The Do It For Me package is for those who: 

  • Want their transition experience to be relaxed and care-free.
  • Want to delegate the time-consuming and physical demands of moving to an experienced move manager.
  • Want to walk into their new home feeling rested and at ease.

Harmony will take care of:

  • Helping you sort and de-clutter your home.
  • Orchestrating the removal of your charitable donations.
  • Shipping/shredding/disposing of items you no longer need.
  • Floor planning and furniture suggestions for your new home.
  • Packing your home with careful attention given to special and fragile items.
  • Setting up your new home so that it’s live-in ready on day 1, including transferring your cable/utilities, hanging your pictures and having your bed ready for your first night at your new home.
  • Coordinating and scheduling services with auxiliary support team members.
Harmony for me

Do It For Me

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