What are the 4 P’s of Senior Relocation

Harmony has created the 4 P’s of Senior Relocation: Plan, Purge, Pack, and Place. With these four key areas of expertise, our company has mastered the coordination of transitioning and removed the burden of moving from aging adults and their families.


How We Simplify the Process


Moving can be a challenge at any stage of life. By having the right team on your side, you can navigate the changes more effectively. If managing the details sounds overwhelming, we break it down into simple stages. Harmony simplifies the process with you to make the entire experience more comfortable, positive, and efficient.


1. Plan

Before we start anything else, we take time to plan and outline. This step is at the core of our services because we want to make sure everyone is one the same page and understands expectations from beginning to end. We always discuss what the new space will entail and take stock of the pieces of furniture you already have, to help create a comfortable transition.


2. Purge


Figuring out what to donate or leave behind of can be a daunting task, but at Harmony, we are here to make it simple and straightforward. We want our clients to feel heard and respected, so this step cannot be rushed. Together, we review which items are precious and practical while noting which pieces need to be kept. By keeping the priorities clear upfront, it is then easier to let go of items that no longer have a special meaning or purpose.


3. Pack


When we’re ready to pack, you can just sit back and relax! Our team takes care of all the details—from collecting the boxes, to covering those fragile items in bubble wrap. Once everything neatly labeled, getting settled becomes a breeze. Unloading on moving day is a snap because we are organized and calm throughout the packing stage.


4. Place


Putting everything in its place is what really makes a new environment feel like home. We pay close attention to the layout you enjoyed before and strive to recreate the same level of coziness. Sometimes we can do it even better! By highlighting the items that are dear to you, we’ll keep everything picture-perfect so it’s easy to settle in.


Harmony Packages for Senior Relocation


Whether you’re looking for the total package for your relocation assistance, or just need a helping hand to sort through your current space, Harmony is here to help. Check out our package offerings to find the arrangement that’s best for you or your loved one!


For other questions or more information, please visit www.harmonymoves.com or contact us at info@harmonymoves.com.

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