Summer Activity Ideas for the Seniors

Take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days.  It feels great to get outside! Social engagement has been shown to improve your mental health and even prolong your life.  Here are some fun ideas about how to make the best out of the summer months!


Visit a Beach or Local Park

Did you know? Vitamin D is necessary for bone and muscle function. Without enough sun, seniors are at a greater risk of fracture without an ample amount of this important vitamin. Visiting a beach or local park is a great way to take in some sunshine.  Make sure to check the weather and be prepared by bringing an umbrella or hat with you.



Enjoy an Outdoor Concert

Summer is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family for a live outdoor event. Many local organizations will put on music events or outdoor theatre shows that you may really enjoy! Remember to bring some snacks and a blanket!  You can check your local news source or community resources for upcoming local events.



Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market and Fair

This is the best season for farmer’s markets and fairs. Plan to meet up with some friends and walk around the booths, browse for deals and catch up over lunch. You could even make this a weekly event, creating a fantastic opportunity to catch up and stay connected.



Whatever you decide to do, it will be mentally and physically uplifting. Remember to keep moving, learning and engaging your senses this summer!


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