Options for the Downsizing Senior

There will come a day when most seniors will need to downsize, either to simplify their lifestyle, to address a medical need, or to be closer to grandchildren.  Here are some living options to consider for this next step in a senior’s life.

Senior Communities

  • Senior community can mean a wide variety of places, from independent living to memory care facilities, all with different levels of care available. This can be a difficult step for older adults and their loved ones, but with the specialized care and activities planned, this can be the best option in cases where a senior might need a little more assistance with daily activities.


Moving in with a Family Member or Trusted Friend

  • In our busy society, coming together to live with an adult member of your family might be an unexpected solution, but many people discover unexpected benefits from this arrangement. This might be an opportunity to see children and/or grandchildren more often or develop a deeper relationship with someone. This connection can be especially helpful if a senior has recently lost a spouse by helping them stay connected to those they love.


Renting or Buying a Smaller Home or Condominium

  • If nothing has changed about a senior’s health or socialization needs, sometimes a smaller home is the answer to the problem of “This house is too big and too much work for me now.” A smaller home or condo is easier to maintain and downsizing gives you the opportunity to simplify your life and focus on the activities that bring meaning and joy.


Senior Apartments

  • For those who can remain independent but just need a smaller, senior friendly space, senior apartments might be the way to go. These apartment complexes will often be very similar to other apartment buildings, but with features that keep seniors in mind such as a 50+ age restriction and all ground-floor access. This puts older adults in close proximity with one another, and chances are you’ll find a few like-minded people right down the hall!


No matter which option you choose, Harmony Senior Relocation Services can help take the stress out of your move. We can plan, purge, pack and place your items. Let us know when you are ready for Harmony to orchestrate your move!

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