Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Shake Off the Winter Blues

After a long, frigid winter, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the outside landscape is turning green again.  It’s a wonderful time to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and try some of these activities.


Walking Outdoors

  • Taking a stroll outside can be beneficial for every aspect of an older adult’s life. The fresh air can boost your mood, sunshine can increase vitamin D, and the physical exercise of a walk can melt away stress. Walking at your own pace is a safe exercise for most, but always check with your doctor if you are unsure of an appropriate activity level.

Feed the Birds

  • Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, taking an afternoon to feed some birds can be a simple, refreshing outing. If you’re extraverted, bring a friend along to enjoy their company. If you’re introverted, take some “me” time and recharge your social batteries!

Go to the Farmers Market

  • A springtime trip to the farmer’s market, you can pick the freshest produce of the season in the amounts that you’ll actually use. Even if you don’t cook often, you can plan a simple salad with what’s in season or pick up a couple of things for healthy, sustainable snacks.

Enjoy a Picnic

  • Sometimes cold weather can keep us secluded from our loved ones, so let the new spring weather be the motivation to reconnect with friends and family. You can organize a picnic for just a few close friends or help plan a family reunion in a local park. Big or small, a picnic is a great way to celebrate spring!


  • If you’ve always enjoyed working with your hands, or have gardened in the past, consider starting your own garden this spring. If you have a patch of land with room for a garden, that’s a great start; but if not, don’t let that slow you down! A large pot or stand-alone garden box can be added to any small porch or communal outdoor space.


Enjoy this season of new beginnings!  Make the most of this time of year by springing into action!

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