Simple Ways to Prevent Loneliness for your Aging Parent

Take them to an events she / he may enjoy

Always think about your loved one’s interests first. Did she tell you about her first date to see a play? Find an arts event put on by the local theater. Does he have fond memories of playing sports? Take him to see your local or college sports teams play nearby. Be creative, spend the time, and you’ll make new memories with your loved one!


Look into community activities in the area where your parent lives

Family is a great way to stay active and connected, but it shouldn’t be the only way. Seniors should also have friends their age around them who also have similar interests. See if your area has a book club, volunteer organization, or senior exercise group that your loved one might be interested in.


Stay in frequent contact

No matter how busy you might be, staying in regular contact with your senior parents can have a huge impact on their social and mental well being. Make reasonable but purposeful steps toward this goal in a way that fits your life—so you can stay consistent! Whether it’s lunch once a week or phone call updates more regularly, you can check in on how they are doing and make them feel included in your life.


Teach your parent to use technology to maintain connections

Technology today makes it easier than ever for seniors to stay in contact with those who they care about—near and far. Devices may be completely new to them so be patient while they learn. Try to video chat with a shared relative so that you can walk them through the steps while both of you reconnect with someone you care about.


Everyone experiences loneliness at times, but it is especially difficult for aging parents.  Our busy schedules might keep us distracted, but it is important to stay connected with our parents during their golden years.

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