5 Ways To Brighten The Winter Blues For The Senior In Your Life

The cold winter months have arrived which can be a difficult time for seniors. This is especially true after the holiday season when they’ve spent some time with friends and family. Here are 5 ways to brighten the winter blues for the senior in your life.


Teach them how to Video Chat with Friends and Family

  • Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean family connections have to grow cold. By teaching a senior how to video chat with their loved ones, you can keep the holiday spirit going and help them battle loneliness if their family lives far away. This skill not only helps brighten their day but can keep them connected with family and friends all year round.


Take them to a Musical or Theatrical Performance

  • No need to stay cooped up at home just because it’s cold outside. Seeing a musical or theatrical performance is a wonderful opportunity to share in a cultural event with the senior in your life while giving them an opportunity to get all dressed up with somewhere to go!


Work on a puzzle or play cards together

  • Spending quality time with the senior in your life doesn’t have to require extravagant effort and planning on your part. Just simple activities like playing a game of cards or working on a puzzle together can brighten their day and spark enjoyable conversation.


Check out the activities provided at your local senior citizen’s center

  • Jump into your loved one’s world and see what events or activities are going on for seniors in the area. Whether you spend some quality one-on-one time or have them invite some of their friends, an outing to a senior citizens center can provide a much-needed social activity to battle the winter blues.


Make a bird feeder together that they can display outside their window

  • As winter progresses, then spring arrives, many birds will be migrating—giving a perfect opportunity for bird watchers to see species that aren’t in their area in all seasons. Making a bird feeder also gives your loved one something to do with their hands and leaves them with a craft that reminds them of the time you shared together.


No matter which activity you choose, you are sure to lighten a senior’s mood by introducing a fun and unique event to their winter calendar.

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