2019 Resolutions Seniors Can Make for the New Year

1.  Explore exercise programs for seniors


Exercising, when done at the correct intensity, can have wonderful physical and emotional effects on everyone, including seniors. Finding senior focused exercise groups can ensure safety during physical activity and which can increase social engagement on a daily/weekly basis.


2.  Take a technology class created for seniors


Learning new skills is an important part of keeping the mind healthy and alert. And the subject of technology isn’t just for teenagers, seniors should keep up with new technology as well! An adult learning class adds a little variety to your week and learning technology can help you keep in touch with loved ones, and new skills can make daily life easier and enjoyable.


3.  Update your legal documents


A lot can change in a year, so if 2018 was personally eventful or you haven’t reviewed your will and estate plans recently, consider updating your legal documents. Although this resolution can feel a bit overwhelming (and isn’t exactly fun), this is an important step in keeping your life up to date and setting you and your family up to handle whatever might come in 2019.


4.  Clean out/purge your storage and closet areas


Why wait until spring to start cleaning? While the weather is less tolerable outside, take time to get rid of the belongings you don’t really use. And if you donate what you purge, you can keep the spirit of holiday giving going into the new year! Organizing and purging can make you feel refreshed and ready to start the new year!


5.  Visit your Doctor for a physical


A yearly physical is an important part of keeping an eye on your health, so why not start the year off right? This can keep you and your doctor on the same page and scheduling this appointment around the first of the year makes it easy to remember each year going forward.

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