Preparing for Winter… in the Fall

Now that summer is over and the fall leaves are beginning to change colors, it’s time to prepare our homes for winter’s cold—both inside and out. We all want our loved ones to feel safe, cozy, and warm in the lower temperatures. That’s why it’s important to remember that senior citizens may need additional assistance to get their house ready. Below, Harmony Senior Relocation Services has created a quick checklist to review for this season.



  • Windows and Doors

Noticing a draft around any doors or window frames? That’s not just cold air coming inside—it also means your warm air is escaping! Adding new weather stripping to these problem areas can give you a cozier home.


  • Sidewalks and Driveways

Ice, snow, and even autumn rain showers make outside paths extra-slippery. Be sure to prevent falls by keeping sidewalk salt on hand. It’s too risky to skip these precautions.


  • Outdoor Stairs

It’s also best to check your outdoor stairs now, while there’s still time to make repairs. Wood rot will only get worse in the months ahead. Adding slip grips can help keep everyone safe.


  • Generator/ Gas & Water Tanks

If your senior’s home has an outdoor gas or water tank (or a generator) you’ll want to confirm that you’re up to date on any maintenance. Inclement weather can cause damage to connectors, so check them ahead of time.


  • Chimney and Flues

All too often we forget that fireplaces require extra care. Don’t let a dirty chimney become a hazard. Schedule a cleaning before you enjoy an evening by the fire, and remember to close the flue before you head to bed.


  • Furnace/ Thermostat

Getting a furnace check-up on the calendar now can help prevent future problems. If there are any issues, it’s better to take care of them early, before the temperatures drop.


  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Similar checks also need to happen for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You’ll rest easier knowing that these alarms are in good working order!


  • Fire Extinguishers

Even the best cooks can run into problems in the kitchen. Put a new fire extinguisher under the sink to stay prepared for any mishaps.



  • Extra Food

Instead of rushing to the store before a winter storm hits, plan to keep certain items on hand at all times. (And when picking out food for your senior, it helps to remember any special dietary needs.)


  • Space Heaters

Having a space heater on hand really adds an extra layer of protection for cold snaps. Just be sure to keep them away from flammable objects to ensure safety.


  • Switch Linens

We can all expect to put another comforter on the bed when it’s cold, but how about the rest of your home? Consider picking up some additional blankets or throws for the living room, too.


  • Clothing

Seniors who have limited mobility will appreciate an extra hand getting their winter clothing out of storage. Bring those gloves, hats, and sweaters out of hiding early to stay warm through all of fall and winter.


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