Is Now the Time to Downsize?

As we age, there are many scenarios that run through our head entering the next stage of life.  We play out the ‘what-ifs’ to hopefully gain clarity, insight and confidence moving forward with a decision. Below, Harmony has comprised a list of questions that might be asked if weighing the options of relocation and downsizing.


Do you feel trapped in your belongings?

Do you ever look around and wonder how you accumulated so many items that you have no need for? Downsizing your living situation can force you to take inventory of what things are really important in your life. Even if you aren’t thinking of moving anytime soon, getting in the “downsizing” mindset can be useful to declutter your living space too!


Is your home too big for your needs?

As children grow older and live on their own, you might find yourself in a home that no longer reflects your space needs. There’s no problem with having a room for the occasional house guest but living in a home which is the right size for you can cut down on utilities costs and major home improvements, as well minimalize your upkeep efforts.


Has your financial situation changed?

A big consideration to think about when looking at your living situation is how much you can afford to put into your home. Maybe you lost an additional source of income or had a recent illness that put a dent in your savings. By downsizing you might be better able to live according to your means and start to become more secure in your financial situation.


Have you lost your spouse or significant other?

Losing a loved one can be difficult, especially when they were close to you for a long time. During the right time in your grieving process, you might consider moving into a smaller home. You can still honor your significant other’s life and memory in a new place, but a change in environment might allow you to pursue friendships that satisfy your need for community.


Do you need additional assistance or care?

When you can no longer climb stairs safely, there is no reason to stay living in a two-story house. Similarly, should you begin to need assistance moving around, taking medications, or other day-to-day tasks, it might be a sign that a large home is no longer ideal. This isn’t to say that you have to go straight to an assisted care facility, but a smaller space could set you up for success with independent living.



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