Why Should a Realtor Use a Senior Relocation Service?

Realtors often find they are forced to wear too many hats in managing client expectations.  This is particularly true when it comes to helping senior citizens downsize from their “family” homes to their “retirement” homes.  Here are a few reasons why realtors should consider partnering with a senior relocation service like Harmony: 


1.  Relieves their burden

Realtors are responsible for so much in completing a housing transaction, so when adding senior relocation, it is often best to delegate that task to more specialized agents. Giving responsibility to another agency takes the pressure off the realtors so you can do your primary job to the best of your abilities.


2.  Relieves clients’ burden

If seniors are trying to sort out the logistics of their own relocation, some might feel as if the task is too much to handle among other life responsibilities. Referring them to a senior relocation service can put them at ease knowing that professionals can handle this major part of their life.


3.  They manage the details

From finding the right senior living facility to the transportation of boxes to unpacking of the new residence, senior relocation services can look into every little detail of whatever transition a client is going through. Services like Harmony take the time to plan out every step so that nothing falls through the cracks.


4.  They are experts with senior citizens (as clients)

A senior relocation service, such as Harmony, is more familiar with the general psychological state of seniors. They can anticipate some of the anxieties a client might have about relocating and can step in to take practical steps in insuring each client is comforted in their housing decisions.


5.  They can provide you with leads on homes to sell and purchase

A senior relocation service can come in handy in your professional network. They will always be aware of homes that are coming onto the housing market as their own clients are moving out of them, making you more likely to find your clients their best home possible.


6.  You can refer your “sandwich generation” clients to them as their parents age

If your own realty clients need help in choosing what is best for their own parents as they age into their higher years, you’ll always know who to point them to (and maybe they might refer someone back to you!)


7.  They are experts with senior citizen relocation

Senior citizen relocation has its own special set of nuances that might make it a little more of a challenge for realtors. Hiring a relocation service can handle things like purging and downsizing, turning on/off utilities, and organizing charitable donations-things that a realtor normally doesn’t handle.

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