Why Choose a Senior Relocation Service?

Many middle-aged adults are part of what is known as the “sandwich” generation. These individuals find themselves in the time-crunched position of simultaneously caring for their own growing kids as well as helping their aging parents. Often during this time, their elderly parents are seeking to downsize & move from their homes, and rely  heavily on their adult children to handle many of the tasks associated with their move.

Being “sandwiched” with so many responsibilities, adult children are often in need of additional assistance to be able to help their parents. Harmony Senior Relocation Services has the professional experience and a gentle approach to help orchestrate all aspects of this major life change for everyone. We can assist with sorting & downsizing your parent’s belongings, orchestrating the packing and move, as well as, unpacking and organizing their new home.  Here are 5 reasons why we suggest choosing a Senior Move Manager like Harmony to assist you in helping your aging parents:

1. The Balancing Act

Managing multiple needs within your family can be challenging, especially when you are responsible for your elderly parents.  Your immediate family members will likely feel the effects most as you are committing more time than usual helping your parents to downsize and declutter.  It is definitely a balancing act.  By delegating some of the sorting/decluttering tasks to Harmony, we can assist your parents as they make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of, which is a very timing consuming aspect of their move.  Our service will give you back the time you desire to be present for your immediate family, while enabling you to spend real quality time with your parents.

2. Not Knowing Where to Begin

The process of downsizing and transitioning your parents into a new home can be a very daunting proposition.  Just the thought of where and how to get started is stressful enough to make the most proactive individual want to procrastinate.  Working with an experienced Senior Move Manager who knows exactly how and where to begin enables your parents to get started with their downsizing, and will ensure that the job is completed in an efficient and timely manner.

3. Downsizing and Selling Possessions

One of the most challenging and emotional aspects of downsizing your parents’ home is sorting through a lifetime’s worth of memories and possessions, making decisions about what stays/what goes, and who receives which family heirlooms. In addition, most families don’t have contacts with trusted business/organizations who they can rely on for charity donations, estate sales or consignments.

Working with a professional Senior Move Manager can ease the stress of making decisions about what to downsize, donate or sell, and how to go about it. Harmony can help you and your parents think through these decisions and will give guidance (and provide resources) regarding the various options best suited for your parents’ belongings and their individual circumstances.

4. Emotional Toll

Downsizing and moving your parents from their family home take an emotional toll on everyone involved, especially your parents.  It is hard for anyone to see his or her possessions boxed up, and sold or given away. Each of Harmony’s team members has a gentle heart and understands the emotional difficulty that your parents may experience. Harmony is mindful to be patient and sensitive to these difficult decisions, and can help ease this difficulty for you and your parents during this process.

5. Harmony Senior Relocation Services is the Expert

If you and your parents are facing the daunting to task of downsizing and moving, consider having a Senior Move Manager like Harmony to assist you.  The owners of Harmony Senior Relocation Services—Nicky Corder and Johna Cripe—not only have the professional experience, but also gentle & guiding personalities to be able to assist you in this endeavor.  We can help you with as little or as much assistance as you and your parents need.  It may be just a few hours of sorting/decluttering to help you get started or we can orchestrate the full pack/move/unpack of your parents’ home. With our help and expertise, your parents can have a seamless transition to their new home, turning a worrisome and stressful period into a delightful and harmonious experience.
Click here to learn more about Nicky and Johna and how they can help you and your parents downsize and move on to the next stage in their lives.


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