Growing Old In Your Own Home

1672068Moving out of your “empty nest” house can be difficult. It contains a lifetime of experiences and memories. It’s where your dreams of raising a family and living the good life became a reality. It’s also the most familiar and comfortable place you know. That’s why most seniors would prefer staying in their own home rather than downsizing and moving to unfamiliar terrain. And that’s why the senior relocation specialists at Harmony can help you repurpose your house to meet the current and future needs of growing old in your own home.

Create a New Home Out of Your Old Home

If you know you need a different type of living environment—one more suited to your current physical state and future capabilities—but you also don’t want to be forced to leave the home and life you’ve built over several decades, the solution to your conflict just might be to create a new home out of your old home.
Here are some of the many things a senior relocation specialist can do, so you can stay in your home and gracefully deal with the realities of aging:

  • Repurpose Living Space:
    Your senior relocation specialist can create a floor plan to make your living space work for your long-term needs. If you live in a two-story house, the floor plan may relocate the master bedroom from upstairs to the first floor, so you don’t have to climb stairs. If your laundry room is in a basement, the floor plan might also include installing a stackable washer/dryer on the main floor, perhaps in your kitchen.
  • Keep Memories Alive:
    Deliver mementos to your children (and grandchildren) while you can see them enjoy them. Many of the items in your home played a large role in your children’s lives. Your kids have cherished memories associated with those items, such as furniture, toys, sports equipment, artwork, vacation souvenirs, and other family heirlooms. We’ll help you determine which items to pass along to the next generation.
  • Spring Cleaning:
    De-cluttering your house is an important aspect of making your home suitable for your new lifestyle. We can help you sort and clear out items that you don’t want or need. We’ll orchestrate the removal of your charitable donations and we’ll assist with the shipping/shredding/disposing of items you no longer need.
  • Focus on Safety:
    Fixing safety concerns is a major part of repurposing your home. We’ll help you determine a plan to prevent trips and falls. The plan might include installing railings; adding ramps; removing raised entrances between rooms; installing bathroom grab bars/grips, and a no-step shower or bathtub chair/transfer bench; removing trip hazards like throw rugs and loose carpeting; and making sure nighttime path lighting is sufficient and staircase handrails are secure. Installing a medical alert system might also be included in your plan.
  • Establish a Maintenance Plan:
    Establishing a maintenance routine to be completed by others is a key aspect of being able to remain in your house. Because you cannot eliminate all home maintenance, we can help to make sure you schedule professionals to do them (or do them yourself if you’re up to it) by creating a Home Maintenance Calendar that lists all of the tasks that help keep your home in tip-top shape and reduce the expense and inconvenience of major repairs. The maintenance calendar will establish a schedule for the maintenance of major appliances and your home’s infrastructure; pest control; seasonal weatherizing and window washing; tree trimming, landscaping, and leaf removal; checking smoke and CO2 detectors, and fire extinguishers.

Don’t Move Out of Your Home; Just Repurpose It

A senior relocation specialist can help you extend the time you stay in your house and avoid a move you don’t want to make. Contact Harmony today for a free consultation, so you can spend many enjoyable tomorrows in your home.

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