Reminder Strategies for Seniors

Whether you are managing your own medications and appointments or taking care of a loved one, daily reminders are one of the most useful aspects of personal care.

Purchase a Reminder Device

Reminder devices can take many forms. They can be discreet like a wrist watch that vibrates and displays custom messages about your medication. There are also options like pill boxes with a built-in alarm or medicine bottle lids with a timer on them. There are many options out there, so look around to see what might work best for you or your loved one.


Use a Reminder App on your Cell Phone

Set up recurring reminders on the reminders app that is a standard feature on your cell phone or explore other apps for your phone that are available. No matter your medication routine, reminder apps can accommodate even the most complicated schedules.


Take Medication with Meals

Doctors often prescribe medications with meals and most seniors can use meals as a que to remember their medications—especially if you eat your meals on a very regular schedule. This might also reduce the gastric side effects of some medications but be sure to check with your doctor to make sure you can take all your medications with food.


Have a Morning or Bedtime Routine

Medications might be prescribed as just take once a day, and if you don’t have specific instructions from your health care professional, those are great to incorporate into a morning or bedtime routine. For example, paring your medication with brushing your teeth, or taking a shower every, or walking your dogs can help you remember.


Utilize a Central Calendar Just for Medications & Dr’s Appointments

If you prefer a paper calendar, put your medication schedule, and all of your healthcare appointments and personal events on one large cohesive calendar. You can look each day to see your plans, and that will help you to remember to bring you medication switch you if you need to take certain medicine with you if you will be away from home when you your schedule to take you pills.


Implementing the above ideas can help simplify the daily life of a senior and prevent the frustration/confusion that can come with aging.

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