Cleaning Tips for Caregivers of Senior Citizens

As our family members age, the remedial tasks, such as household duties and cleaning, often take a back seat to more pressing needs. The clutter and dust build up in no time which can cause stress, anxiety and possible health issues for senior citizens.


As a caregiver, the options in front of you are to do the cleaning yourself or hire outside help. Regardless of the decision, these factors should be taken into consideration.


Observe and Maintain THEIR Routine:

When arranging to clean a loved one’s living space, you’re doing more than just tidying up—you’re improving their quality of life. But your actions become counterproductive if you cut into their day at an odd time to clean. Do your best to know when they have a planned activity or appointment and clean when you are out of their way (and they won’t feel in the way either!).


Keep it in Reach:

As much as you desire to be helpful to your loved one, sometimes you have to make sure your expectations for your actions line up with what you are capable of delivering. If you feel like you cannot commit the necessary time and energy, don’t feel bad hiring someone to pitch in or find another relative to split the responsibility. You have to take care of yourself too!


Respect Possessions:

When moving into a retirement community or assisted living facility, your loved one will most likely have to let go of the majority of their original possessions. At this point, they only have those physical belongings which are most necessary or most important to them. Before cleaning, ask your family member which things around their home hold special financial or sentimental value to them and treat those items with special care.


Be Compassionate:

Consider for a moment how you would feel if you no longer had the independence to do small tasks like cleaning up for yourself. Most likely, your loved one doesn’t want to burden you with what they feel like is their job. Understand that although they may be resistant to this help at first, a good attitude, kind words, and a little patience will go a long way to show you care about them.


Going Green:

If you are environmentally conscious, you might want to consider using alternative and more natural cleaning products, like vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Not only are the chemicals in a lot of traditional cleaners harsh for the environment, but they might cause certain health conditions to become irritated. Natural cleaners are also safer for any animals that might be keeping your loved one company.


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