Our FAVORITE Time of Year- Spring Cleaning

Many people say that the winter holidays are their favorite time of year. But at Harmony, we love warmer days, brighter sun, greener grass, and SPRING CLEANING! Deciding to tackle the clutter in your house is a great first step to move forward and get closer to a peaceful home.


Take a look at the spring cleaning tips below for a fantastic guideline to get you focused and inspired. And remember – these hints are also applicable for our beloved senior citizens. As you organize your own space, be sure to block out time to support other friends and family, especially those who may need help due to limitations. When it comes to tidying-up, “the more the merrier” definitely rings true!


Tip 1: Make a Plan

Setting clear goals for this year’s spring cleaning will be a huge help for tracking (and celebrating) your accomplishments. Put your cleaning goals on the calendar so you can mentally prepare for the task at hand. It might also help to share your intentions with another family member. Saying, “I will be organizing the kitchen cabinets this spring—is there anything you want?” is a really easy way to get the ball rolling.


Tip 2: Start Small

Tidy homes aren’t created overnight. So, don’t be afraid to address the situation one room at a time. Is there a specific area of the house that needs the most attention? Whether that’s addressing the neglected tools in the garage or the miscellaneous boxes stored in the guest bedroom closet, pick your home’s most obvious problem spot and set out to attack it head-on.


Tip 3: Don’t Get Distracted

It also helps to create the right ambiance for your spring cleaning adventure. Do you need to have the radio on in the background? Or some upbeat music to get motivated? If you give yourself a time-limit on how long you can work, you might have a better chance of staying focused. And as you sort through items, go with your gut. Overanalyzing each and every object will only lead to more stress.


Tip 4: Create Designated Areas

A good rule of thumb is to establish three different piles for your belongings. The items you want to “Keep” should either be useful and practical, or particularly sentimental and meaningful. A “Donate” collection should consist of anything that’s still in good shape, but doesn’t have any emotional value. Anything that’s broken or expired (old spices and stubby candles come to mind) will need to go in the “Trash” pile.


Tip 5: Declutter First, Organize Second, Clean Third

Arranging items into these three piles is the hard part. Once that decluttering is done, you should be in for smooth sailing. Paring down to the essentials makes it so much easier to organize and arrange your belongings—whether that’s on bookshelves in the living room or your nice-and-neat closet. Then, with everything in its rightful place, it’s time to run the vacuum or dust to add the final touch.


Tip 6: Enjoy the Results of Your Hard Work!

Although we’re big fans of organizing at Harmony Senior Relocation Services, we know that the spring cleaning process isn’t for everyone! After you finish up your project, be sure to reward yourself with something fun. Have a nice lunch or dinner out of the house, or think of inviting a few guests over to admire your new “decluttered” space. You’ve earned it!


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