How to Spend Valentine’s Day with Seniors

Valentine’s Day is fully devoted to love. Yet when we are so focused on our children or spouse, it can be easy to forget our aging seniors during this small holiday. Keeping these loved ones close can make a wonderful difference.


Since many seniors are widowed, this day can often bring a feeling of sadness. This means it’s even more important to give them some extra love. Here are a few ideas to show affection this month.


Valentine’s Day Ideas for Seniors


1.  Home-Made Valentine’s Cards

Everyone appreciates a little bit of nostalgia now and again. And it doesn’t get much better than hand-made card! Caregivers and grandchildren can brighten any senior’s Valentine’s Day with a thoughtful and decorative card. It’s easy to find inspiration online, and you won’t need too many supplies to make something truly one-of-a-kind. All you need is a marker, some colorful construction paper, a glue stick, and maybe a few pretty paper doilies.



2.  Buy Tasty Treats

Seniors with limiting diets may not be able to indulge with regular chocolate treats, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a sweet tooth on Valentine’s Day! Don’t let them miss out on the fun. Finding a diet-compatible treat can be a really kind gesture for this special day. Look for sugar-free candy options at a nearby gift shop, or get creative with a custom fruit basket. Special mixes for hot cocoa or lemonade can be perfect presents, too.



3.  Hand Written Letter

Receiving mail that has a personal touch is a surefire way to make someone feel special. It’s always nice to see a different type of envelope in the regular stack of bills, right? Sure, picking out a cute V-Day card at the store can take some time, but writing out a letter by hand shows that you really put your own heart into the message. If you’re not sure what to say at first, practice typing on the computer—you can always copy it on stationary with your pen once you know it’s ready.



4.  Finish a Chore

Of course, this day doesn’t only need to be about giving gifts or sharing kind words. You can also show your love by lending a helping hand. Chores can be a real…well, chore! Help your senior brighten up their living space with a quick dusting, or offer to run the vacuum. Changing the linens on the bed, cleaning the fridge and pantry, or doing the grocery shopping can all be lovely gifts. They’ll appreciate the help, and it will be easy to carry on conversations while you work.



5.  Make Time

Perhaps most important of all, simply use this day (and really, this month) to make time with the seniors in your life. There are lots of nice ways to show that you care. The point is to just show up, or pick up the phone, as the case may be. Letting all of your loved ones know how much they mean to you is what the Valentine’s Day spirit is all about. When it comes to saying “I Love You,” actions definitely speak louder than words.



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