What to Gift Your Aging Parents…Who Have Everything!

Brainstorming ideas on the perfect Christmas gift for your parents and grandparents can be a challenge. What do you get the person who has everything and wants nothing? You can look through their house for ideas, but you’ll quickly realize that they already have a cabinet full of “I Love Mom” mugs. Not to mention a pair of slippers for every day of the week!


Gift Ideas for Your Aging Parents


The task of holiday shopping can often turn into frustration. Fortunately, there are a few tried-and-true gift ideas that can help you deliver practical holiday cheer to your loved ones. Take a moment to read through some guidelines to help you along the way.


1. Invest in Safety

There are plenty of home safety products on the market today that make great gifts. For aging parents, consider looking into a safety hand rail for the bathroom, or even one for the backdoor. You can then pair these items with other gifts, depending on where they’ll use it. Make your safety gift a little more fun with a new non-slip bathroom mat that’s both fashionable and practical, or a set of wind chimes to hang over their hand rail outside.


2. Think about Lifestyle

It’s nice to be pampered every now and then. Why not treat your loved one to a home grocery delivery system? Or you can always get a lifestyle gift that they can enjoy right away. This nifty relaxation sleep machine can help turn their bedroom into a spa-like setting. And for seniors that are more active, how about paying for new classes or a membership at the YMCA?


3. Support their Hobbies

Not everyone makes investments into their hobbies, but they should! Giving gifts related to someone’s hobby is a great idea. For those parents or grandparents that love to read, a durable book light or a new pair of glasses would be perfect. Others might prefer something they can use outdoors. A highly-reviewed kneeling pad for gardening can help support their gardening hobby, and knees, while preparing their land for spring.


4. Embrace the Sentimental

Some of the best presents are the ones that are custom-made. Add a personal touch on the holidays by framing a grandchild’s artwork, or take a walk down memory lane by printing pictures from Christmases past. Your family will enjoy looking at photos from decades ago! Putting your feelings in writing can add a nice touch, too. Better yet, encourage family to share their own stories and life lessons by giving them a keepsake memory journal.


5. Go with Something Useful

Sometimes gift cards can be thought of as impersonal, but this generation will likely see them as thoughtful and practical—especially when you choose the location with care. Many seniors are on a fixed income, so gift cards may actually be more desirable than you’d first think. Grabbing a few gift cards for a favorite restaurant might be exactly what your parent or grandparent needs.


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