Exercise Tips for Seniors in Assisted Living

Often one of the big concerns about moving into assisted living is the ability to remain active.  Here are 5 specific exercises that can be done everyday, with others as a group, or even alone in your room!

Maintain/Improve Your Strength

If strength is the issue, here are some simple things that can be done with items you will find around you:

  1. When reaching up for a cabinet, go up on your tiptoes to strengthen your legs
  2. Strengthen your upper body by lifting a milk jug

Maintain/Improve Your Flexibility

If you find that flexibility is a weak area, these are some simple exercises for improving:

  1. Reach for your toes every morning when you wake up
  2. Hold a broom (or a cane / umbrella) out in front of you and move it as far as you can side to side

Maintain/Improve Your Endurance

If you find yourself running out of energy when being active, here are a couple easy ways to get you just a little farther:

  1. Walking down the hallways adding a new hallway every month
  2. Have a dance party to your favorite upbeat song

Maintain/Improve Your Balance

If you often feel wobbly or worry about falling, there are some easy things you can do today to improve:

  1. During a television commercial break or after a chapter of a book, hold onto the edge of your chair and stand on one leg (making sure to switch legs the next time)
  2. Step “over” every doorway you go through (lift those knees!)

Maintain/Improve Your Memory (Exercise your mind, too!)

For a well-rounded workout, build your mental sharpness with these ideas:

  1. Try to memorize as many items on your grocery list as possible
  2. Try to list the names of those in your family in alphabetical order.

As with all exercises, always listen to your body, and know how far is too far for you and don’t get discouraged if it takes a little bit of time to get into a habit. And remember to consult your doctor before you start any new exercise routine.

Strength training and other exercises have been shown to assist those in assisted living with feeling comfortable maintaining their quality of life. With these tools in your pocket, you can take the first step in improving the quality of life for yourself or a loved one.

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